How to apply Daytime Mineral Makeup – Video Tutorial

The last few months I’ve been learning all about natural mineral makeup and the benefits of switching to healthier cosmetics. As part of that journey I’ve taken makeup into stores and worked one on one with people colour matching them and learning what does and doesn’t work for their skin.

I’m not a makeup artist, but most of us aren’t! So I thought I’d show you how I quickly put on a face of day natural looking day makeup using only 5 products (Mineral powder / concealer / eyebrows / mascara).

If you want to colour match your own foundation there is a clever ‘Colour Chooser’ web ap that can help you choose your shade. Go to

  concbrush-2  coco swatch  

                Duo Brush                        Coco Eyeshadow

                                           IMG_3736    new jar 1

Chocolate Mascara                         Neutral Sand – Perfection Range

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